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Full Stack Web Developer

Who Am I?

As you can probably guess, my name is Nenad Bugarić, and I’m a Full Stack Web Developer.

Tech, knowing structure and how things actually works, was something which always interested me. So I decided that computer science is best fit for me. I got engineering degree in computer science which provided me valuable insight into overall picture of tech and software development.

Web development is thing in which I enjoy the most. For the last few years I worked on different project as frontend and backend developer. During that time I have gained experience in wide variety of technologies, so that I can chose best fit for concrete job.

I like to see clean and well written code so I trying to provide the same. Every new project which I create, I try to make it better than last one because I see it as a chance to improve my skill and push the limit.


I developed and helped others to develop different web projects from ground up. Here are listed some of different types of that projects.

Movie Reviews

Website which content are movies reviews generated by users. Visitor can browse list of reviews, write comments, search and rate existing reviews. If movie review does not exist, then user can create review, but he must be signed in.


Single page small social network application for sharing interesting locations in nature with other users so
that they can also explore them.
Users can create new explore and also vote and comment on others explores.

Employees Vacations

Application for issuing vacation certificates to employees. Each employee can send requests for vacation. Admin review and approves / rejects request. If request is approved employee gets certificate. Project done in collaboration with @ABojković


Touristic agency website. Users can inform themselves about different hotels pricing in different time period.
Registered users can make reservations and get voucher only if reservation is confirmed and if they make a payment.

Built using

  • php
  • codeigniter
  • mysql
  • javascript

Fermiamo Il Calcio

Blogging style website with ability for user to submit their own posts. I received PSD file which I used to develop static website, and then WordPress responsive theme. While implementing design I also developed WordPress voting plugin.

Multitasking Game

Short and easy game designed to improve multitasking ability.
Require fast solving of different visual and calculation tasks so that both brain hemispheres are used alternatively. Players can see list of high scores.

My Skillset

Every project have some specific requests, so I choose technologies which are the best fit for a given project. Some of technologies which I use when building different part of web application are listed below.

client side


JavaScript JavaScript
angular.js Angular
jQuery jQuery
gulp Gulp
bootstrap 3 Bootstrap
sass / scss SASS
bower dependenci manager Bower
html5 HTML5
css3 CSS3
server side


java Java
spring framework Spring
php PHP
symfony 2 framework Symfony
codeigniter 3 framework Codeigniter
wordpress 4 WordPress
node.js Node.js
express node.js framework Express.js
npm NPM
data manipulation


mysql relation database MySQL
mongodb nosql database MongoDB
redis nosql database Redis
amazon s3 storage solution Amazon S3

Contact Me

Don't hesitate, contact me if you think that we can make some cool thing together!